ShermanHi everybody! I’m Ms. Pitt, your host here at this funny little blog. After not writing anything for nearly a year, it seemed like a good time for a reboot. A little about me, I am 36 years old and live about a mile outside Minneapolis, MN with my husband, Jon, and pup, Sherman. We’ve got odd senses of humor, but generally keep out of trouble. We married in 2004, at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and it was the perfect event for us – geeky, whimsical, and TONS of fun! It’s great to go back every year and reminisce.

I’m a raging optimist, except when I’m not. I’m introverted and a little too practical, and I sometimes take things too literally – but just for fun. It’s like a nerdy game I play in my brain. I’d like to become a recovering perfectionist someday. I love great food, entertainment, and technology, too!

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